Fog Machine Safety

Using a fog machine on Halloween can be one of the coolest and effective ways to create a scary and realistic Halloween setting.  They can be used to make your front yard graveyard into the most frightening yard in the neighborhood, but they can also create some very real dangers if not used properly.  So, make sure you keep Halloween safe by following some of these simple fog machine safety rules.

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The first thing most people worry about with their Halloween fog machines is whether or not it’s safe to breathe.  As long as your fog machine is used properly it is perfectly safe to breathe.  Most fog machine fluids are made from a water and glycol solution that is not considered to be hazardous, however it may cause respiratory or throat irritation problems in some people.  The best thing you can do is to make sure you don’t over do it with the fog.  Only use the fog fluid that is recommended for that particular fog machine and don’t use more than is directed to create a “super” fog effect.  Remember, less is sometimes more!

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You might also take extra care when using your fog machine inside, such as for a Halloween party or haunted house theme.  If you do use your fog machine indoors, make sure there is plenty of ventilation so the fog doesn’t accumulate in one room, making it difficult to see or breathe.  Too much fog inside can also cause a hazard when people can’t see objects or other things that they could run into or trip over, so using your fog machine in moderation inside is a good rule to follow.

Fog machines, as with other appliances, can become a fire hazard if not used properly.  Fog machines in particular become very hot because when creating the fog effect, the fog fluid passes through a heat exchanger which heats the fluid to a very high temperature very quickly, turning it into fog which pours out of the nozzle of the fog machine.  Because of the high temperatures involved in the fog making process, the fog machine itself can become very hot to the touch.  So, make sure to keep your fog machine away from anything that could easily catch on fire, such as curtains, papers, leaves, or Halloween decorations and costumes.  Also make sure you let the fog machine cool down before picking it up or touching it.  In addition, be careful not to let the cord get wet or become submerged in water.

Make sure you only use the recommended fog fluid with whatever fog machine you’re using.  You also want to avoid trying to make your own fog fluid concoctions just to save a couple of bucks because you could end up producing toxic fumes for your Halloween guests to inhale rather than toxic fun.  So, make your life easier and just use the recommended fog fluids that came with your fog machine.  You’ll also need to remember to check your fog fluid levels as your Halloween night progresses.  Your fog machine will burn out very quickly if left to run without any fog fluids in it, so make sure you refer to your manual and know how long your fluids will last in your fog machine.

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